Bulletin Time

Hey all!

I’m going to hit this point form today:

* Don’t forget, if you’re bored today at 5PM EST, yours truly will be on A&E from 5-7 on the “Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows” documentary that will air. My appearance isn’t made until near the end – scroll down the page a bit for info.
* Do you live in the Vancouver area? Tonight at 7PM is the BandFEST 2002 BC Provincial Finals at Mavericks on the Waterfront. A friend of mine, and someone I used to play in a band with around the Toronto area, Mark Belsito’s band Wayside is in the finals and opening the show. Head on down and let me know what you thought! The address is 770 Pacific Blvd in the Plaza of Nations.
* Tonight I make the move to an internal network – the final transition in my transformation from “guy that dabbles in technology” to “geek”. I’ll be setting up a D-Link router and running, initially, two systems through my Cable connection. It’ll give me a firewall too, which kicks butt.
* I twisted my ankle again at baseball. Told you I was an idiot. I’ll take two weeks off. I promise.


2 thoughts on “Bulletin Time

  1. Well damn I should have come to your site earlier. I am always watching A&E and look what happens the one time I’m not watching it. That’s a drag and we are wrestling fans too.

  2. Ah, they edited out some of the end, it would have been REALLY hard to find me. But still a good documentary either way.

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