Another boring day of typing

Another boring day of typing and staring and typing and staring. I guess the good news is I had a good 90-100 minute session at the gym where I worked my shoulder at about 75% of my normal weight capacity and it held up quite well. A few pops and crackles but no deep pain to speak of so that made me happy. I really gave it a good workout – everytime I did something and it didn’t hurt I’d do something else to it. Good stuff.

In preparation for hopefully taking that cooking course that eluded me in April this September I’ve begun trying to cook fancy stuff again when Mar is home nights. Last night it was Cumin-crusted chicken soft tacos with cheddar-lime corn. The tacos turned out really well, and the corn should have been better, I got carried away with the lime. I love lime and can often get a bit carried away. It was a neat combo, though – next time I’m going to use less lime on the corn and try a dry white cheese, like blue. BTW, does anybody else take advantage of this time of year to only use corn on the cob? I love that stuff, I NEVER use frozen or canned corn in the summer months. Just soak them in the husks for a half hour or so and you can safely cook them on the BBQ or in the oven with the husks on and allow the sugars to caramelize inside. Trust me. :)

I bought some bleach for the fuzz I have left on my head, and then I realized if I go through with this I’m going to look like Flea from the RHCP. Hrm. I might do it anyways and keep the goatee dark so I look like a real freak.

Me tired go work now,
Rick Jessup