Vanilla Coke is in CANADA,

Vanilla Coke is in CANADA, baby! I saw it at Zehr’s today and picked up a couple of cases. This stuff is nice, make sure you grab some to try. I’ve been making vanilla Coke at home for a good 10 or 15 years since my Mom introduced it to me. She had it as a kid and got me to try it and I was hooked. It’s been available at Jack Astor’s for years as well – now it’s available in official cans and bottles.

TLC is finally running their roller coaster shows again today – I’m watching “Greatest Thrill Rides” now – if you’re reading this from Canada try to catch it today, loads of fun. The things they do with these roller coasters are insane – Canada’s rules are much more strict, which is why Rob and I have been considering a trip to Sandusky, Ohio for the past couple years to catch some rolly coasters at Cedar Point. These shows bring you not only to view the best coasters in the world in action, but also behind the scenes on how the new concepts are created. One interesting tidbit – the Superman Ride of Steel coaster in California is taller than the highest point in the State of Florida. Go figure. :)

In other, far more irritating news, my shoulder “fell” at the store today, meaning it shifted downwards. Not a good downwards either. My arm think it’s resting place is on a 45 degree angle now. This is really starting to grate on my nerves. A lot. I’m back at the gym tomorrow for a workout and a swim – I haven’t decided if it’s best to let it be or push it a bit yet. I’ll ask the sports doc before I go.

Rick Jessup

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