Week three of my return

Week three of my return to softball on Sunday, our team blew them away. My batting picked up a bit (still not what it once was) but the defense was still there. Unfortunately I’ve done something nasty to my right (throwing) shoulder. I’ve been having arm problems but had heretofore ignored them. I threw a hard one in from centre trying to nab a runner at third and it felt like I’d been stabbed right in the tricep. I finished the game, but come last night, couldn’t handle it. Mar had to dope me up on a couple pills, iced, and basically finally fell asleep. This morning, no big difference. My amateur Internet diagnosis at webmd.com basically told me that if your shoulder cracked (which it did) and then has perpetual pain, it’s either a) a tear, b) a sprain, or c) a separation. I would think if it was separated I’d be able to see something but there’s nothing visible, not even bruising. So I guess it’s off to the doc with me today. *sigh* Hopefully the diagnosis is better this time than when I finally got my back checked last year (after 16 years of ignoring it) to find out that the muscle bump in my back was actually a sideways disc protruding out with four-to-five discs above it slipped out. That was nice. :)

Wish me luck.
Rick Jessup