UPDATE: Back from the chiropractor/sports

UPDATE: Back from the chiropractor/sports doctor. He’s a former NY Ranger and knows his way around injuries like this, which was good. The results aren’t impressive. In my right arm alone I have an injury I kept under wraps for the last 11 years which I discussed with him today. Turns out that all our muscles have a plastic-like coating called a ‘sheath’ over them to keep them in place. The sheath over my bicep is torn, hence the fact my bicep comes out the side of my arm. Injury two: tendonitis in the left elbow which only really came about since I began weight-training. Finally, the big one from Sunday, my shoulder separated. As noted in my Biography I have always had the ability to disclocate both shoulders on request – over time, this adeptness to dislocation in my shoulders has worn that area down. On one particular throw from the outfield on Sunday my shoulder came out and snapped back in. Did it a second time on the bench. I’ve now done some decent damage to the entire area, from muscles to tendons to cartildge, etc.. They did some minor massage therapy, then some ultrasound, and I’m back in two more times this week for follow-ups. He thinks it can be fixed over time by icing it and keeping it mobile through weight training and so forth, but if it doesn’t, it’s a one-way ticket to surgery for me. Needless to say, no more heavy throwing for me. New gym opens on Monday and then it’s wrapping the elbow to stabilize and try to strengthen up the entire arm.

BTW, we can add these to the previously posted back problems, as well as a broken rib, two broken toes, and patella-femoral syndrome (no cartildge) in both knees. Not a bad record for 28 years. ;)

Rick Jessup